The Secret that Will Change Your Life

There are so many tips, tricks, hacks, and empty promises online for how to radically grow your business overnight. Many social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers will promise you exponential success—if only you will like, subscribe, ring that bell, and sign up for their latest course! It can leave you feeling duped, like there really isn’t an answer for growing your business other than toiling, time, and lots of money.

There is another tool in your toolbox, and this one doesn’t cost a penny! It’s not magic or New Age mumbo jumbo, but it does require an open mind. Have you ever heard of The Secret? Boiled down to it’s simplest form, it is the law of attraction. First, let’s take a look at what the law of attraction is, and how it works.

What is the Law of Attraction & How Does it Work?

The law of attraction is a philosophy the suggests positive thoughts bring positive results to people, and negative thinking brings negative outcomes. The reason for this, they say, is that we are all made of energy, and positive energy attracts success in every area of our lives, from health, relationships, and finances, to business, and even small things like attracting the right parking spot.

What the law of attraction is:

  • Channeling your energy (thoughts) into the good things you have, the good things you want, and the belief that you deserve success
  • Speaking positivity into your daily situations (out loud)
  • Visualizing your success as if it’s already yours

What the law of attraction is not:

  • Magic (You need to do some of the work, too)
  • Instantaneous. It’s not a get rich quick method to success. t can take time, but it does work
  • It is not nearly as easy as The Secret book and video make you believe it is. It takes time, effort, and patience

An Example of Using the Secret to Manifest Success in Your Business

Let’s say you want to be an author. You have no idea if you can make it in the traditional publishing world because so few great writers ever do. What can you do?

Practice The Law of Attraction to Be an Author

1. Speak your dream aloud into the universe. “I will be a published author.”

2. Speak with confidence, and a welcoming spirit when it comes to your dream. Example: “I welcome the natural unfolding of my author journey.”

3. Create a vision board. Always make a vision board, regardless of your goals. It helps to spend even a small portion of each day visualizing the life you want.

4. Make a written plan. Some of the greatest success coaches suggest that a goal that isn’t written down is just a daydream. I agree. Write down your goals and refer to them often. Make actionable steps you can cross off along the way. Don’t just say you want to be an author. Write down the tangible steps you need to take each day, week, month, and year to make it happen.

5. Celebrate your mini-victories. When you reach little milestones, don’t just cross them off your list, call a friend and tell her about it! Cook yourself a nice dinner and toast your success. Things like this are what keep us motivated to go on, especially during the lulls.

6. Refuse to engage in doubt or negative self-talk. Everyone has their weak moments. I’m not asking you to be a robot or delude yourself into thinking things are fine when they are not. However, don’t slip into the trenches and take up real estate there, as I’ve heard a well-known motivational speaker say. When you hit a roadblock or self-doubt, do a little reflection, see what needs tweaked, and plow forward. Do you need more information? An online course? A friend to help you? Figure out what you need, and keep on going!

7. Believe in yourself. If this sounds trite, think again! You are a rational person, right? Well, if so, you wouldn’t have set a goal that’s crazy or completely unattainable! If you set it, you must be capable of achieving it. It’s going to take time, a lot of effort, and maybe even a little luck sprinkled in, but you will get there! Quitting is the only way you will fail. If you keep going, no matter how long it takes or what the path ends up looking like, you’re still succeeding. Quitting is the only way you will fail!

If you aren’t convinced, why not try manifesting something small just to prove The Secret works?

10 Things You Can Manifest Relatively Easily

1. A great cup of coffee

2. A compliment

3. An image (Pick something like a clown, a strawberry, or a purple balloon. Then, be on the lookout for it. You’ll be amazed how quickly you manifest that image without doing a Google search!)

4. An invitation

5. A kiss

6. Money (If you do this, set a specific amount)

7. An act of kindness

8. A good night’s sleep

9. A delicious meal

10. An apology

The best part about manifesting success, is that it’s free and you can do it from anywhere, anytime. Below are some manifestation statements you can practice right now! Choose one to focus on each day and see if you start experiencing more success over the next month. You can change the wording to fit your specific needs/desires.

31 Days of Affirmations for Success

1. I am worthy of massive success

2. I am successful at anything I put my mind to

3. I am ready to accept success into my life

4. I am open and ready to receive miracles

5. I manifest healthy and loving relationships into my life

6. I can do, be, and have anything I want in this life

7. The right clients are searching for me right now

8. I am open to money coming to me in new ways I’ve never imagined

9. My talents are worthy of being paid abundantly

10. There is a special place in this business carved out just for me

11. I welcome new clients with open arms

12. I am attracting the right people and circumstances into my life

13. My actions create prosperity

14. I have talent and skill that make my business valuable

15. I choose success

16. Everything is always working out for me

17. I am excited about my future

18. I deserve the good things coming my way

19. My life is in perfect flow

20. I bring so much to the table, and make people’s lives better by existing

21. I am so in demand, people are lining up to work with me

22. My business is a huge success

23. I get paid really well for what I do

24. I forgive myself for past mistakes, and greet the future with positivity

25. I am creating the life of my dreams

26. Everything is aligning in my favor, and I am grateful

27. I am stepping into the most successful decade of my life

28. Something wonderful is about to happen to me

29. I am brave enough to take the necessary chances on my road to success

30. I release all self-doubt and negativity

31. I am worthy of love, success, financial gain, and achieving every one of my dreams

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