It Was Always Her Summary & Review

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Title: It Was Always Her

Author: J.L. Witterick

Genre: Romance

Publisher: iUniverse

Trigger Warnings: None

Spoilers?: None

Publishing Date: July 6, 2021

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I cannot speak highly enough of little free libraries. In a world where so much of our community has been taken away (streaming instead of standing around at Blockbuster talking about the latest movie, “likes” and “follows” instead of real friends), it’s lovely to happen upon a little book box in your neighborhood and feel like a kid on Christmas! You never know what you’ll get when you open the box, and that is just such a fun feeling!

On a little free library tour a few months ago, I happened to find a book that lured me in with a great title and a mysterious cover. I didn’t even read the back of the book or open its pages before snatching it up! I was in. I was all in. The book was It Was Always Her by J.L. Witterick. I got in the car, flipped the book over, and saw it was about time travel. Ding, ding, ding, ding! Jackpot! In my opinion, too few books on time travel exist, so I was thrilled to get started.

Here is a summary of the book taken from Goodreads.

Bruce Meyer is sent back in time to prevent the Third World War. He does not know that he will find the love of his life in the past. Can he give her up to save the world?

It Was Always Her is a gripping tale about love, sacrifice, and the impossible choices faced by a man given a second chance. This story will take you on a captivating journey, leaving you asking, “What do I value most in my life?”

“Our lives are spent building castles in the sand. Large or small, grandiose or simple, it is inconsequential—all washed away when the tide comes in. Nothing lasts. Nothing endures. To love and be loved, it is the only thing that is real…the only thing that matters to me now.” 

This book had me turning the pages, and I read it in only two sittings. Even if you’re not interested in time travel, this book has a captivating love story that will steal your heart and keep you going to see how it ends.

As I put myself in Bruce’s shoes, I struggled with how hard it would be to go back in time and only be able to change one thing. In other words, you couldn’t warn a loved one that they will die, and you couldn’t stop bad things from happening or warn the people affected by these incidents. You’re there for one mission, and even though it’s important, it’s awfully hard to imagine the gut-wrenching agony of biting your tongue rather than sharing too much information and risking a major world war.

J.L. Witterick came up with the idea for this novel in a dream, which I’ve heard other authors say. Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight after dreaming about a particular scene in it that ended up being chapter 13 of the novel. Stephen King wrote Misery after a dream he’d had on an airplane.

If you’re looking for a book that gives you pause for thought about how COVID-19 could have unfolded even worse than it actually did, and for a love story that includes elements of time travel, friendship. And relatable dilemmas of the heart, then It Was Always Her is the book for you! This is one of those books that should be made into a movie because as I read it, I had such a strong vision of how it would look on screen! Try it! You’ll love it!

To check out more of J.L. Witterick’s work, check out her website or find her on Amazon.