Everything, Everything Book Review

No Spoiler Alerts!

All of my book and film reviews are free of spoiler alerts, but you might not know that if this is your first time checking one of them out. So, sit back and relax while you learn a little bit about:

Title: Everything Everything

Author: Nicole Yoon

Genre: YA | Romance

Publisher: Ember

Trigger Warnings: Domestic Abuse | Verbal Abuse

Spoilers?: Only in the trigger warnings

Publishing Date: March 7, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you love YA novels even if you stopped being a YA years ago! The stories might be about high-school or college kids, but the good ones make you forget the characters’ ages pretty quickly. I picked up Everything, Everything after reading The Sun is Also a Star, also by Nicola Yoon. While I’m not a fan of either of the film adaptations (Everything, Everything movie and The Sun is Also a Star movie) the books are both so good that I suspect you’ll go back to them time and again throughout the years.

Everything, Everything tells the story of a teenager named Madeline who is essentially “the girl in the bubble” because of a diagnosis of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) which more or less makes her allergic to the world. Her only companions are her mother and home nurse. It’s a lonely life, but Madeline makes the most of it by creating the most fulfilling life she can inside of her home, complete with a tropical sunroom and pond (minus the fish because of the possible contaminants). But everything changes when a cute boy, Olly, and his family move in next door. Madeline has to decide how much she’s willing to risk for love.

The story is a heartrending tale of first love, which Yoon just nails, and the overwhelming desire we all felt as teenagers to find our true selves without destroying our parents. The plot and characters alone would be enough, but here’s where it gets ridiculously creative and cool: Yoon fills the pages with varying-length chapters (some only a sentence), illustrations by her author husband, David Yoon, and all sorts of little tasty morsels like this:

Honestly, I’ve never seen a book written like this one. It almost reads like a teenager’s journal. Well, a highly creative, deep-thinking, one-of-a-kind teenager, which, I suppose Madeline is, after all.

Pick up a copy today. You won’t regret it! It’s a quick read, and will leave you smiling, remembering your first love and how desperately you wanted to savor every moment before adulthood came calling!

Circling back to my I-didn’t-love-the-movie quote, it wasn’t terrible. It really wasn’t. You know how it is, though, when you read the book first. Yoon’s writing is just so, well, cute! I didn’t feel that translated to the film. Maybe that’s because Yoon didn’t write the screenplay. Anyway, not a wasted movie night. I just liked the book so much better.