Need a Beta Reader?

What is a Beta reader?

A Beta read is an overview of your manuscript from the perspective of an average reader. Each Beta read includes a comprehensive questionnaire to which authors may add additional questions. I read for plot, pacing, character development, and style.

Why hire me as your Beta reader?

Great question! I could tell you about my writing experience (newspaper columnist, magazine writer, short-story and novel writer) or that I’ve been reading all my life (average a book a week). I could say it’s because I respect that you can’t spend a fortune to get another set of eyes on your manuscript. I could mention that I honor deadlines and contracts. All of that is true. But who cares? Shouldn’t all of that be a given? You’d certainly hope that a paid Beta reader would have experience, offer fair rates, and get your critiques back to you in a timely manner. Here’s the real reason you should hire me to be your Beta reader: I want to do it. I like reading, and offering helpful feedback instead of just, “It’s good, I like it.” For anything to be successful, it should start with passion. I have it. So, hire me. If it turns out I totally suck, you won’t be out much money, but you’ll still have gotten that extra set of eyes on your manuscript.

What I Provide with Beta Reading

  • Readability of your manuscript. In other words, how quickly did I read your book, how much did I enjoy it, and where did it drag?
  • Reader’s opinion. As a reader, what did I think of your plot, your characters, and your writing style?
  • Positives and negatives. What about your book did I love or hate?
  • Questions. As a reader, what questions did I have about the story? It’s up to you to decide whether this is what you want readers to be asking themselves when reading.
  • Editorial evaluation. What do I, as an editor, think your manuscript needs in the way of further editorial services?

Here is a sample of a completed questionnaire

What I Don’t Provide with Beta Reading

  • Offer suggestions that take away your voice as an author.
  • Post feedback online. Beta reading is different from a book review.
  • Attempt to rewrite your story for you. I don’t have the time to write your book.
  • Copy edit or proofread your story. That is not what a professional beta reader does.
  • No sugar coating or coddling you. As an author you deserve completely honest and objective feedback.


  • YA, Romance, Children’s Books, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Crime.

Service Fees and Turnaround

  • $150 up to 100,000 words

For manuscripts in excess of 100,000 words please fill out this form for a quote

  • 10-day minimum depending on word count.

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